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Keitech cinnamon/pro blue
« on: 03/07/19 12:46 UTC »
I was digging thru color plates again for something to do the other day and found Keitech's leeches in this color. It just looked nice and rang my bell so I sat down this morning to see if it looks as good home brewed. Keitech's Leech looked to be dual injected but I just did a simple hand pour on the bottom half of a couple baits of different sizes just to get a closer look. I did shot in the Helgy mold with a lam plate but wish I'd have run a couple quick heating injections thru the mold first. The other mold is a test mold, not in production.

In the larger bait the pro blue wants to get lost up close to the cinnamon color, but that Helgy's colors hold together pretty nice. I think around bridge pilings and dock posts the Helgy in the combo will be a good one so I plan to make more when we warm up a bit and the twin injector is easier to use.

I really like that leech from Keitech. I'm going to round up a package and think about doing a RTV mold for it. Or I'll contact our good friend in the Ukraine to see if a stone mold of six cavities with one side a top and the other the bottom or even 6 independant cavities is a possibility. The leeches are 3" numbers and I can see waldo getting hung up on these.