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Testing retrieval rates
« on: 04/23/19 08:30 UTC »
Yesterday morning the wife said she was feeling well and my back was kinda sorta better so I decided to go fishing at a local lake.  I wanted to test some colors on the new (for me) 2.25 inch silver fish.  I got to the lake and the wind was a ferocious 15 to 25 with gusts over 30.  This made fishing with my favorite jig heads problematic (1.32 oz)  as the wind would simply skate the jig across the surface.  I went to 1/16th and had much betterluck.  The silverfish has been a hoot trying different retrieval styles most of which are somewhat successful.  It seems that a countdown method with a slow steady rate of retrieve with twitches worked the best.  Blue ice over chrome, and a clear w/black and green flake over a gree hi lite were the best colors.  I also threw my little 2 inch curly tail (never leave home without it).  I was quite impressed with a new rod I bought last year but rarely used it (back surgery).  I was a 7 foot Berkley lightning (trout series) light action).  Casted 1/32 jigs with ease when the wind werent wearin my butt out.  When I was able to cast successfully, hungry juvenile bass swarmed all over it before the crappie had a chance.  I caught 13 bass, several more threw the hook, 3 bull bluegills, and 3 very healthy crappie.  The panfish were invited home for dinner.  I think I over did it a little bit as my back was pretty sore but the grin on my face was worth it.  I will rest up for a few days and get back at it.  Hope you all had a great easter!
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Re: Testing retrieval rates
« Reply #1 on: 04/23/19 09:49 UTC »
Glade you were able to get out and play even tho the weather wasn’t the best. Rest the back so you can have another outing when the weather is better. Praying for you and yours health issue’s.
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Re: Testing retrieval rates
« Reply #2 on: 04/23/19 14:52 UTC »
Good for you! Sounds like fishing was just the ticket. I'm envious.

We got a little later than usual start and found ourselves trying to outrun some storms. We had about an hour and a half of fishing before the lightning started and my buddy managed one decent crappie and a pair of dink sunfish. I kept company with the skunk. It ended up raining on and off all day then.

The water is coming down towards normal summer pool and was at a tick under 50 degrees. I spent most of my time tossing my new tiny crankbaits but I knew right off that the water wasn't warm enough to get much attention drawn to them. Had to play with them though. The lake came down another half foot since then so we're going to head out early tomorrow to see if the early, early bite is there yet. High skies, mid-60's and light breeze today but I'm stuck in the house after seeing the eye doctor this morning. Eyes look like an owl's peekers. Look out tomorrow though.

Glad to hear the Mrs. has had some good days so you can duck out for a bit. Hope she's doing well with all of this. Prayers yet to you two!