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Boat capsizes - 2/24 - Joe Wheeler
« on: 02/24/12 17:32 UTC »
We have winds here of 20 - 30 MPH today.  This caused a fishing boat to capsize right in the Decatur harbor area.  The two fishermen were rescued rather quickly by a local tug boat that apparently witnessed the capsizing.  The boat sunk.  Both fishermen were transported to Decatur General Hospital suffering from hypothermia.  They were wearing life preservers; which was credited with saving their lives ( hopefully ).   With water temperatures now, some stage of hypothermia is a given if you go in.   We all want to get out on the lake; especially with the warming weather.  But; we need to be especially careful with the water as cold as it is; and the spring winds.  Every year we have people drown here due to wind, current, small boat, overloading, alcohol, no kill switch, no life jackets or lifejackets not worn.  PLeeeasssee be safe; and sensable.
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Re: Boat capsizes - 2/24 - Joe Wheeler
« Reply #1 on: 02/27/12 21:46 UTC »
Praise GOD...amen.
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Re: Boat capsizes - 2/24 - Joe Wheeler
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we had one here to on Saturday as well unfortunately i know the morons
3 grown men in an 1970's 10ft tinnie 8hp tohatsu 20L fuel about 4 1/2 gallons i think, totally overloaded no life jackets on board a 25knot NNE wind howling across the basin and guess what they were swamped :o the boat went straight to Davey jones  with all the gear. after 4 hrs in the water all of them were rescued and only one had to be hospitalized with water on the lungs. it could have been so easily prevented >:( thank god our water is a balmy 22.c