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« on: 09/25/19 09:22 UTC »
I'm going to pick up some goodies at Menards to make a vacuum base that will attach to my shop vac so I can attempt to whip up some stencils for the micro cranks I like to play with. If this works well I plan to use the Dremel and a very fine ball head cutter to create the patterns on the vacuum-formed acrylic sheeting.

Walleye Wacker makes his own stencils but I think they are considerably larger than what I'll be attempting to make. This should be interesting and give me something to do during the cold moths ahead.

Other than WW, does anyone else form their own stencils for air brushing? If so, how do you make yours?


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Re: Stencils
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Tom here is Dingers bait way of doing it.
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Re: Stencils
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This is how I make stencils
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