Author Topic: For the color shift crowd  (Read 730 times)

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For the color shift crowd
« on: 11/26/19 18:31 UTC »
Just ran across this video on YouTube testing out a color shift airbrush paint. Anyone heard or used it before?

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Re: For the color shift crowd
« Reply #1 on: 01/15/20 08:04 UTC »
I know this is an old thread but thought it was time to re-visit it.

I saw this thread when it was posted but was dinking with another brand of bottled color shift at the time and didn't want to get to comparing. Testors has color shift in a few colors but as a rule the paint takes a lot of messing around to get it to really bounce with color. That which is featured here in the utube link I have not toyed with....yet. Hopefully after I am done with sausage and some intense injecting I can get it ordered and do some serious comparisons between it, Testors and mixing straight color shift pigment with clear top coat.

Testors has four color shift air brush paints that I have found so their selection is somewhat limited. The Green Stuff paint has six colors. Right now I have around 25 different color shifting pigments that are compatible [micro size] with my airbrush's capabilities for flowing without clogging. Particle size is the big issue with some pigments and then the mixing to get a decent coverage and color shift with a clear coat might be problematic for some people, so dry pigment has its challenges too. The Testors that I toyed with I think simply need more pigment in the paint, but the paint liked to dry so fast too that getting the pigment to flow well on the painted surface was hard to do without adding a retarder in proper amounts and then things went south for me. Either I got a terrible orange peel that looked fuzzy or the paint sagged enough that the color shift pigment puddled and looked terribly uneven.

In lieu of using a clear air-brush top coat I have begun using a clear BASE coat....way easier to thin to the viscosity I need after adding the color shift pigment. Also in lieu of an air-brush top coat I use the CS Seal Coat. On some baits I use the UV enhanced version of the Seal Coat....both are dipped and dripped.

I mentioned micron particle size. The smaller the particle size number, the finer the particle. The smaller the particle, the more expensive. As a rule I use color shifts in the 8-10 to about 15 micron size.