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Here's a tall tail....
« on: 12/18/19 16:47 UTC »
I've been studying this new tail mold for the Crappie Fluke for a while since I first found out that there was such an animal. I really liked it. The more I went to the pictures and looked at it the more I thought there was more to it than just an ordinary tail. So after washing the new mold with alcohol and allowing it to dry well I heated up some Junebug plastic and had at it.  After trimming the tails from the runner I got to studying a couple again and went in and got a bag of eyes....just for the heck of it. As I thought, that first little ring that joins the body was just too small to allow an eye to grab well enough to lay flat and tight. So I heated up a small amount of re-melt chartreuse and when ready I barely dipped the ends of a couple baits in the plastic and when cooled I re-dipped them in the same fashion. It put a nice rounded bead on the body end of the tails. Perfect for 3mm eyes. Then I dipped the ends in clear. Here they are shown next to the tails as they come off the runner.

Done for the eyes and with the finish dip, these tape out at 1.75". A perfect size for a smaller or down-sizing bait. They're cute little devils.

So, once in a while a mold comes along that has some real room to grow all on its own even though it was designed to help its parent mold along. This tail mold stands up to that tall order. Its like two baits in one.


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Re: Here's a tall tail....
« Reply #1 on: 12/18/19 23:08 UTC »
Nice to see that you have time to play. 8)
May your days be filled with sun shine and you always have a tight line. AMEN