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Messing with powder paint....
« on: 03/25/20 11:59 UTC »
Lots of time right now to play with stuff. Plenty of time for the imagination too.

As a rule, I put transparent purple and blue right over bare lead and really like the results. Orange and pink have the transparent counterparts too but these colors appear thin on bare lead so I use the solid color as the base, then whip them thru the transparent to bring out some depth and have been very happy with those results as well. Yesterday I was casting some walleye heads [teardrop/wire keeper, 1/4 and 5/16] and sat down to paint them. The two most used colors I have for walleye/sauger are purple and fluorescent orange. I got the paint out and than began thinking.....

I poured some purple transparent and some orange transparent into some small cups and added some violet hi lite to the purple and some gold hi lite to the orange. I had to stir pretty good to get the tiny balls of hi lite mixed in but they finally went away. I painted as usual: purple over bare lead, the transparent orange over the flame red [bright fluorescent orange really] and just sat back and smiled. Man what difference in the colors.


The orange bounces back and forth between the bright orange, to an almost red to a super gold-orange. All of these shades can be seen in the picture. The purple looks almost a deep blue in the picture but comes right around to a rich purple when the angle being viewed is changed a little. In the picture, the tail end of the heads on the bottom and top head shows some of the violet hi lite. The camera's filter has nixed a bit of the violet as on the board the violet was fairly strong...very obvious. Pretty cool looking stuff using materials right from Do-Its selves and likely on everyone's hear.

I've done all sorts of tinkering with clear/hi lite top coats but this is the first time with powder paint colors that I have tried this and the difference between the two modes of application is very obvious. The hi lite in a transparent color used on top of a bright base color or over plain lead give a super rich finish and a whole world away from anything you'll find on a bait shop head. Or the humdrum online heads of the big box companies for that matter.

Will they catch more fish? Who knows. But they will catch more eyes sneaking a peek at them.