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Keeping things clean
« on: 04/03/20 15:19 UTC »
Since most of us are housebound and probably messing with a lot of plastic and lead I thought I'd bring up a couple ideas.

I use acrylic boards as my injection station base and it has a way of attracting all sorts of minute pieces of plastic and every errant drip of colorant seems to land smack in the middle of the surface. Things like this drive me to the edge. I've made it a habit now to clean the acrylic board each time I plan to inject by washing it wish a terry cloth rag and lacquer thinner. It works like a charm and actually the clean surface attracts less of the plastic chaff.

My aluminum and stone molds get a weekly wash with the lacquer thinner and a soft bristle paint brush, then wiped dry. Its amazing ow well things work when they're clean.

At the lead casting station I sweep up the bench and floor after every use and put things back in order for the next time.

The shop floor gets cleared of rubber mats and swept every week.

If one gets in the habit of keeping this stuff clean and orderly its amazing how nice it is to go there to work now that that's about all I have to do.

Stay well people!