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Thank You To Tom
« on: 04/06/20 18:05 UTC »
Ive followed Crappie Tom on FM and all the forums back before FB. I’m pretty sure I was in 8th grade. Long story short, man I have always respected and appreciated his insight. When I worked at Thorne Bro’s. We sold some of his jigs there. Two colors that were never made by any major manufacturers that I know about. I continue to work in the Tackle industry as part of my main job. Still never seen them. Not only were they dynamite for panfish, but its a great color for tying hair on for Coho. I realized I was down to a couple left and getting ready for spring, I shot him message over the weekend, just maybe hoping he would share the recipe. Not only did he do that, he sent me the glitter he uses at no charge.

Thank you very much sir, and I cant wait to get them in the water with my kids in a few weeks! Much appreciated and very very cool of you!

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Re: Thank You To Tom
« Reply #1 on: 04/06/20 18:48 UTC »
You're very welcome Chris.

I did some panfish seminars at Thorne Bros years back. I think I did 4 there over two years. Back then I think I was the only person who made and sold collarless ball head jigs in Minnesota in panfish sizes of 1/32 and 1/16.  I don't know how many thousand I  made for the company but it was an incredible number considering I was hand casting and hand painting with powder paint. Chris was employed there and we got to know each other a bit but we never did get to share time on the water. At one of Thorne's big summer hoop-las I met Chris's parents and sister, all great people to now.

Chris has always been a big presence in the Twin Cities area fishing scene since he grew up there. He knows as much about the waters there as anyone could. The last I had heard Chris had been offered a substantial position with Gander Mountain in Duluth and  Carole and I stopped in there on a couple occasions to try and say Hi but we never connected. Then the other day I got this pm from him so I sent him the last of what I had of the old paint mixes: two that were based using black powder paint and either blue or fuscia glitters to make either the blueberry paint color or the merlot paint color....the Merlot was always my favorite paint color on a head being a deep ruby red color until the light shifted or the angle being looked at shifted. Blue infusion was transparent blue powder paint with a load of blue micro glitter in it and then the all time best seller for me, the almost blue which was transparent purple powder paint with blue micro glitter in it. I think I've made and sold over 10, 000 jigs painted with the almost blue, which looks "almost" blue at one angle but right back to lustrious purple from another angle. I have all of these colors trademarked yet but since I no longer market any jigs I let Chris have what was left of that era in time of mine.

Enjoy them Chris. I sure have.

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Re: Thank You To Tom
« Reply #2 on: 04/07/20 08:48 UTC »
Very Nice!!