Author Topic: Walleyes on the 3" Skinny Carrot  (Read 1461 times)

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Walleyes on the 3" Skinny Carrot
« on: 03/11/12 16:11 UTC »
With a forecast of 60's again today (incredible!!!) buddy and I met at dawn over at the Breezy Point ramp just below Lock and Dam 5A for some Walleye fishing. It was a balmy 45 when we launched and I rigged up some CCM baits on a double drop shot with  1oz  worth of drop shot weights. I was using the new VMC Spinshot Drop Shot hooks (the hook is mounted on a no line twist). I really like the hooks so far.

We ran out to the 60' hole just below the dam with no results and then headed down river to one of my favorite wing dams where we landed a 6 walleyes in 22' of water....with one 18" male accidently falling into the live well (dinner tomorrow night). The hot bait of the day was the baby bass colored 3" skinny carrot which caught all of my 4 fish ...including the 18"er.

We never did find any cooperative bass...but we did find some small Northern Pike.
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Re: Walleyes on the 3" Skinny Carrot
« Reply #1 on: 03/11/12 20:44 UTC »
Sounds like a great day.  Any pics?