Author Topic: Electric blue chartreuse keitech swimbait  (Read 347 times)

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Electric blue chartreuse keitech swimbait
« on: 01/03/21 20:38 UTC »
Need help leaning how to make keitech electric blue chartreuse swimbait! Please email or post on here how. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Electric blue chartreuse keitech swimbait
« Reply #1 on: 01/03/21 21:48 UTC »
Welcome to the Do-It forums Deslong21.

I'd start the blue with a strongish fluorescent blue then deepen it with a small amount of regular blue. By small I'd say use a toothpick and dip it into the blue about 3/8" and stir what's on the stick in and then check it. It doesn't appear that it will take much. For glitter I can't say as the color plate I found wasn't too clear on the glitter.

I'd do a yellow chartreuse a bit and again using a toothpick add ever so small amount of green chartreuse until you get the color value you need. Against that blue I'd add a tiny amount of white to the chartreuse after you get it where you want so the color stands off the blue better. No idea on the glitter again. Silver perhaps? Maybe .015 size?