Author Topic: Junebug....the color and colorant  (Read 363 times)

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Junebug....the color and colorant
« on: 01/30/21 09:27 UTC »
Junebug is one of my "must have" colors. I have two or three different colorants in its name and use the X2 Do-It color more than any other however I do have the Essential product as well but have yet to use it. For those using the Essential junebug colorant, how many drops are you using to get a nice deep junebug color that still will let a little light pass thru it?

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Re: Junebug....the color and colorant
« Reply #1 on: 01/30/21 17:17 UTC »
I have done 10 drops per 4oz.  It is usually is a little on the lighter side.  Im also using essential plastisol if that matters.