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Lake Superior
« on: 04/14/12 17:55 UTC »
Ma and I took a few days and ran up to the cabin near Lake Superior to open it up and get everything set for a busy summer. While there I did take some time to fish, but could have left the gear to home. Wind was the word for this boy and everymorning i walked out on the breakwater the wind was howling from the east and that, my friends, is not a good fishing wind for that lake. Rollers between 6 and 8 feet were common and casting got to be more work than it was worth so about all I did each day was try. The real early birds were getting some coho salmon, but they were not running large at all. The biggest I saw was around 17 inches.

What with the heavy surf I fished deep hoping for a bruiser Lake Trout but they weren't the least bit accomodating.

Deer were common in the yard and we had anywhere from two to 8 in the yard almost all the time. I couldn't coax a bear in or out of the den yet but I did have three racoons that liked my bird food....maybe a bit too much.

The weather was nice. Daytime highs in the upper 50's with nightly lows around 30. The weather is forecast to deposit about 4-6" of white up there tonight and tomorrow, so I think we came home at the right time.  Got ugly weather headed at us tonight and tomorrow....all coming up from the south so I hope ya'll have missed anything bad with it.

Orders to fill will keep me busy now tonight.  Have a great Sunday people.