Author Topic: crappie spinner ideas  (Read 603 times)

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crappie spinner ideas
« on: 03/06/22 01:54 UTC »
I make my own crappie spins using wire, swivel and blade. The wire opens to allow various size jigs.

Depending on jig head size and what fish are striking, one of these should be matched to it:

Curl tails have been a favorite of mine for years - especially for bass and pan fish.

Short worms are also good like these Slider and Flip Tail worms:

Straight thin tail plastics produce flash & quiver:

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Re: crappie spinner ideas
« Reply #1 on: 03/06/22 19:42 UTC »
 I always have a few of that type of spinner in my panfish box. Hard to beat them. I like the Crappie Spinner that has been posted in the other thread, but probably have caught more on these safety pin types.

I remember one winter, my fishing buddy & I were looking for some panfish, and on my first cast, a Carp hammering that little lure. I had put a 2" chartreuse curltail grub on it, similar to those you're showing. Of course I figured it was a bass, but was surprised that a Carp had hit it.

Didn't really matter, on ultralight gear they're all fun to catch.  ;D

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Re: crappie spinner ideas
« Reply #2 on: 03/07/22 07:23 UTC »
I always have a couple safety pin spinners along for times when crappies are aggressively chasing baits.
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Re: crappie spinner ideas
« Reply #3 on: 03/08/22 17:54 UTC »
Been making my own since I was in High School    The bottom one is a redesign of the dual Slab Daddy dual jig but with this I can change jigs or use live bait with plain hooks
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