Author Topic: Drop shotting the 1.75" small fry for bluegills  (Read 1593 times)

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I may have posted this topic before...but it's so darn effect it deserves another posting!

The 1.75" small fry on the #8 VMC Spin shot hook is downright deadly for bluegills (and crappie and a couple unfortunate small saugers!)..even during the "dog days of summer"....or maybe because of it!

Bass and walleye fishing is really...really slow on the river right now...but the bluegill fishing is darn near non-stop, with the big 'gills sitting in 8-10 feet. Just remember to sweep slowly when you set the hook (or just start reeling in) for a higher % of hook ups.

I was fishing a smoke and silver glitter small fry  and CCM Green over silver today and it was the ticket.

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