Author Topic: 2.5 swin fry  (Read 1512 times)

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2.5 swin fry
« on: 10/28/12 08:10 UTC »
For any that don't know i live in Northern Territory Australia now (was in NSW previously) and I've been doing a very small amount of flicking about with good success but today i went for a quick session at a small creek in the outskirts of Darwin called Rapid Creek. when i arrived there were at least a dozen anglers throwing all manner of lure into the creek mouth. I tied a TT rev hed and a 2.5 swim fry in my favourite CCM motoroil colour and some Krill n shad upperhand scent 2ND cast a 45cm Queen fish. Great fight on 6lb mono but small by most standards. then another tiddler, small estuary cod and 2 more small Queenie's and then a 55cm Queenie great fun and all on 2 2.5 swim fry mean while 1 yes 1 small queen fish was landed among all the others needless to say there were some questions on what i was using.
All in all a good 40 Min's play and some priceless advertising

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Re: 2.5 swin fry
« Reply #1 on: 10/28/12 12:20 UTC »
Capt...I am having to hire an interpreter to translate your post into southern English...(as i am sure you do some of our's)  g lad u had success, stay away from those saltwater crocs, saw one eat a cow the other tellin' what they might do to a carrot...err, carrot angler!!! :o 8) 8)
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