Author Topic: I guess I'll get this started  (Read 15176 times)

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Re: I guess I'll get this started
« Reply #15 on: 01/07/19 15:08 UTC »
Yes. Your relatively low melting temp for the lead will not result in any "vapors" so breathing any is unlikely, but the venting is a good idea anyway as lead being melted generally has surface crud that can create some smell. Wear gloves to protect your mitts from burns and any rub-off exposure from the warm lead. You'll be fine.

Make sure you have a safe zone set up around you while you're casting so little hands and bodies don't get in a position to get burned should you spill or over-fill a cavity. That liquid lead can spatter a longgggg ways apart from where the spatter originates.

Oh...almost forgot. Welcome to the Do-It forums!

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Re: I guess I'll get this started
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I second the welcome.

I would like to recommend a few other points to consider. I would keep a set or two of clothes that you wear solely for pouring and try to leave them separate from the living quarters. When they become crusty and need washed do so with no other clothing in the washer or dryer.

Take a shower once you’re done pouring before making much contact with items in the house or the kids.

Finally, if you choose to clean your lead to get the junk to the top please do that outside since this tends to create a large smoke plume that will not be controlled by the low suction of a bath vent.

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Re: I guess I'll get this started
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Thank you both!

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Re: I guess I'll get this started
« Reply #18 on: 01/08/19 06:22 UTC »
Pets, such as cats and dogs, are sure to cause as much or more risk of accidents as children. I haven't been pouring lead for very long. Maybe 2 years now. I learned to keep the pouring as close to ground level as possible. That way less of my body would be affected, if there were a spill or splash of any kind.
Also welcome to you too crappie29!
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Re: I guess I'll get this started
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Decent need to accomplish something like this with mine