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Re: Lead Advice
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This may be getting a bit off topic, but for what it's worth, I do powder coat my lead I use in my line-through swim baits due to this.  If you look at many of the swim baits out there, over time the lead insert and the plastic have a reaction that turns the plastic white (and the lead seems to turn white inside the plastic as well- look at any of the big name line through swims available today and they have the same problem.)  This is especially not cool if the bait is translucent or clear.   Powder coating cancels the problem.

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Re: Lead Advice
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The white powder that forms in lead is do to the Babbitt concentration. If the lead gets moist the Babbitt in the lead will turn white because its structure is made up of small hard crystals that is dispersed in a softer metal like lead, which makes it a metal matrix composite. Keeping them completely sealed with paint or an oil based chemical will not allow the oxidation of the Babbitt to occur.