Author Topic: fluxing lead  (Read 8971 times)

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Re: fluxing lead
« Reply #15 on: 10/26/13 14:49 UTC »
I bought some beeswax a few years ago and it works good.
I also like mine to be burning while I stir it up.
I have heard the theory that it needs to be burning to do its job and I believe that to be true.

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Re: fluxing lead
« Reply #16 on: 08/19/15 01:56 UTC »
I use only 100% pure bees wax, I use about the size of a Pea for every #3 of lead I have melting.
It'll smoke so keep away while it cleans, use a shallow paddle to skim off any floating stuff. Stir up from the bottom and repeat and
the lead will be clean as new.
The hotter the mold the cleaner the casts will be.

And make use there is plenty of Ventilation, work outside if possible.

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