Author Topic: Dodging icebergs.  (Read 1285 times)

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Dodging icebergs.
« on: 03/10/13 08:48 UTC »
 Got out for the first time this year. The lake was still about 1/2 covered with ice. Most was just skim ice but some areas still had a couple inches. There were also icebergs a couple inches thick floating around the main lake. Water was 35-38 degrees and clear. Fished about 9hrs with only one bite. It was a musky about 30" that hit a chub on a dropshot rig. It bit me off about 6' from the boat.
 No bites on artificials but I got to try out a couple new baits. I like my new 6" wacky worm alot. It has a fantastic side to side wobble on the fall. It has way more wobble than the open pour version I used to make. Being full round really made a big difference in the action.
 My floating Mad Dads also have awsome action. I pitched a jig with a MD trailer up shallow where I could watch it. When I stop the jig and it comes to rest, the bouyant craw slowly stands straight up and the claws continue to wiggle for a while. The slightest twitch gets them going again. I definitely feel making my craws and worms float will produce more fish than non floating baits. They give you the ability to slow WAY down and fish the bait in one spot without pulling it away from cover.---Tim.
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