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Re: Getting started safely....My setup
« Reply #15 on: 07/29/11 17:55 UTC »
I'm a newby to bait making...but not a newby to gassing myself...burning myself...dropping things...etc etc....! So here is my new work station. Being the paranoid safety person that I am (for good reason) I wanted an area that:

1. Ventilated really well. I noticed that in my previous area I would get a real burner of a headache after pouring. That is NOT good! So I made myself a confined space hood...out of some plywood from the Big Box Store and invested in a pretty good stove hood that pulls 200cfm, which means it sucks all the fumes out of that box in a hurry!

2. I'm getting I need all the light I can get. The hood gave me two really nice halogen lights.

3. It vents out the back...and then out the garage door. I will probably move my set up down to the basement during the winter...and vent out a window...or have the heating/ac guy come over and drill me a vent out the side of the house. Note that the hood, burners and microwave plug into a switched extension...that way I know everything is OFF !

4.  I use the Silcone measuring cups...cut down to 2 cups size and they drop into a boat beer can holder (that's screwed into the table) so they don't get knocked over..... strategically positioned so the microwave door doesn't knock them over when opened. Between the Silicone cups (from Target) and the plastic stays hot enough for at least 3 pouring sessions! Since I live in Minnesota..and whole concept of a hot Pyrex glass...and a cold working surface...and a big bang...scares the *&^% out of me!

5. I ALWAYS wear gloves. Heavy duty for taking plastic in and out of the oven (just in case I stick my finger in the cup!) and for injecting. I think switch over to a lighter pair of nitrile gloves to unmold (I always seem to unmold a little too soon and there still is hot plastic in the sprue ! And I try to always where my welders apron....just in case! There cheap insurance and you can buy them at any home improvement store.

Remember....They don't call it an "accident" because you did it on purpose!
At 350 degrees...even a "little" accident could be a big deal!

So for less than $200 (I got the desk at the ReClaim store for $10!)...I think I've got a pretty good...and pretty safe working area.

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Re: Getting started safely....
« Reply #16 on: 11/01/15 01:02 UTC »
Man I just love this Do"s and Don'ts The only things i did rightup to my accident was useing a extractor fan one of those 18 inch Expelair jobs and the use of a multi temp Glassco Boro 3.3 melting cup, thanks to Ghost baits for putting it down so nicely.I wont be doing any cating now for some time so it is back to the Moldmax for some (nice and cold)  creative mold making.

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Re: Getting started safely....
« Reply #17 on: 02/07/16 19:14 UTC »
A big thanks for everyone for putting this topic up. I had my first day of making baits with plastisol yesterday.  I managed to have the injector "pop" on me, but because I took precautions, I only had to clean up a mess, not deal with burns. Thanks again.

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Re: Getting started safely....
« Reply #18 on: 02/07/16 19:20 UTC »
Challenging, get an injector with a locking pin: won't pop again.