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May 22nd report...
« on: 05/27/11 11:25 UTC »
My son and I got out for 3 hours on a local lake. IT WAS HOT!!! 96 outside temp, water temps 81-85. 100% sunny, bluebird skies! Summer patterns have set in here!

We had already decided prior to getting to the lake we were fishing topwater and slash shads. If we don't do this, we end up hammering the thick mats with our flippin sticks everytime!!!

I fished a gold devil's horse and my son threw a LC spalsh tail in clown for the first hour. Son hooked up on second cast with a 13" fish. Went another 30 minutes with some swirls and looks but nothing.

Fished the slash shad for a while just draggin it through the milfoil. Couple hits but no hook-ups.

Back to topwater for the last little while. I managed to catch a couple in the 2-3 lb range that really ate the dh.

Guess it was just as hot for the fish as us! We got off the lake and went home to swim!!!

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