Author Topic: Fishing from the Dock..aka..."Boat Control"  (Read 1615 times)

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Fishing from the Dock..aka..."Boat Control"
« on: 11/04/13 14:42 UTC »
We had a lousy October here in Minnesota. Ever time I wanted to go fishing it was in the low 40's and windy. Not just a breeze. 15 mph with gusts to 35 mph kind of stuff!

So...I took a page out of CTom's tactics and hit the local boat club's docks a half dozen times over the last couple weeks and threw the Do-it Arkie or Snootie jigs I made up.

And.....I did amazingly well! Each time I went I landed 5 or more largemouth in an hour or so. I was fishing the jigs in Black with black and Blue skirt paired with a black/blue flake MadDad cut back to hook on like a pork rind. Most of the hits were on the drop...but a good number came as I slowly pulled the jig across the bottom with my rod tip.

Saturday am I got up and made up some really nice looking 1/8th ounce Snootie's to fish "finesse" and give them a little more time to hit it on the drop. Paid off too! 11 nice bass in a little over an hour.

I think one of the reasons for the success (besides the obvious answer of the jig and plastic bait designs!) was that by standing on the docks I had perfect "boat control". Sometimes the bass hammered the there was no doubt. But other times the line just moved off to the side or "got light" and I set the hook on a nice fish. Had I been fishing out of the boat I may not have felt the lightness or been able to see the line move such a small amount.

Now I'm really seriously considering the MinnKota Talon for my boat (especially if I break down and buy a new boat!). There is a lot to be said about your fishing platform being 100% sitting still!
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Re: Fishing from the Dock..aka..."Boat Control"
« Reply #1 on: 11/04/13 15:13 UTC »
  I just spent most of the weekend looking at the Power Poles and Talons for this very reason. I've bucked buying the Power Poles because they stood higher then my motor and I would have to lower them every time I exit or enter the garage. And you know what that mean when you forget. But the Talons I have heard nothing but problems with them and they cost about the same. My boat dealer use to sell them and now doesn't because of it. So my conclusion is I'm just going to have to be careful when pulling in and out of the garage. So I'm going to wait till spring when the dealer comes to the open house and buy a set of Power Poles. And yes that's two, no use just buying one. If anyone else has an opinion on the Talons please speak up. I am in the market and would like to hear from guys that have the Talons because I like the low profile. But so far I haven't heard much good.