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« on: 12/09/13 19:38 UTC »
I am getting ready to set up my bait station in my basement and have a question regarding ventilation.  I know making baits in your house is not the best option but my garage is not heated and it is way to cold out.  I live in Ontario Canada and lets just say winters are way too cold.

Is it safe to heat up and inject in doors (basement). I am planning on installing a kitchen hood that will be vented outdoors


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Re: Ventilation
« Reply #1 on: 12/10/13 10:31 UTC »
Kajan over on the other plastics forum once told me you need 100cfm of fan per square foot of work area.  Most kitchen hoods won't give no where near that.  Plastic fumes are heavy and hard to move out.  Takes more cfm than you think.  Think of how a kitchen hood works when frying bacon.  The smoke goes out but the smell doesn't.  Plastics are the same way.  If you can smell it, you are probably getting some nasty stuff down your lungs.  Take it from someone who has lung troubles, protect them babies!  ;D

Can't remember if there are any good threads on this forum about ventilation but over on Bears there are a bunch.  Just remember that most guys who do this with hoods think that because they are getting the smoke out they are doing great.....not necessarily the case.

Someone else will chime in with more information I'm sure.

Edited to say do a search on ventilation here.  I did and had several threads come up.

Good luck!
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Re: Ventilation
« Reply #2 on: 12/10/13 10:42 UTC »
Thank You, Pastor Knifemaker.  More Solid Safety Info is always good, and welcomed.

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Re: Ventilation
« Reply #3 on: 12/10/13 13:17 UTC »
I built a wood box around my microwave and put a 200cfm bath fan on the top to vent the box and it really moves the air out! The way I looked at it was it was venting the contained air (about 1" around my microwave)  out at 200cfm keeping most of the fumes out of the room. My microwave vents out some slots on the back and top of the sides so the fan can really draw those fumes out of the containment box.

When I pour I pour to the one side of the box and it really pulls in the vapors (you can see it).

That being said...I ALWAYS wear a good respirator !

I also use two big room fans, one to blow fresh air into my work area and the other to blow the air out.
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Re: Ventilation
« Reply #4 on: 12/10/13 20:21 UTC »
This is my set up... 8 inch metal ducts with two inline booster fans that vent out the window. The hood is a plastic storage container with a dual basement fan in the hood that blows to the ducts with the fans in them. It was cheap and easy ( much like myself) I can see it suck up the smoke from the Pyrex cup and the wife doesn't complain about the smell so I reckon it does the job.

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Re: Ventilation
« Reply #5 on: 12/10/13 21:41 UTC »
No way would I have that stuff cooking inside my house without exceptional ventilation... I don't have that, so I'm a garage man by default.  It gets plenty cold here in the northland as well (high tomorrow of 4F/-15C), so I have a couple of Mr. Heater units that I point toward me when I'm working in the sub-freezing temps to take the edge off; I also use a toaster oven to preheat my molds and injector for better shooting.  Once I get everything humming, the molds stay at a good temp on their own... the injector may or may not need a little help depending on how fast you're shooting. 

(FYI: The garage can get a bit overwhelming without the door/window open, but I don't stay out there for longer than it takes to satisfy the itch; once I'm back in the house, I don't have to smell it anymore and I like it that way.)


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Re: Ventilation
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here is my work station I think the blower is like 800 to 1000 cfm

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Re: Ventilation
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wow now that's a bas ass work station