Author Topic: Pimped out some of my airbrush's  (Read 1499 times)

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Pimped out some of my airbrush's
« on: 02/19/14 10:42 UTC »
Since I was laid up for the last 5 months I decided I needed another costly hobby  ::) So I've been pimping out a few airbrushes for the time I'm able to get back to painting soft plastics and crankbaits. 2 are Iwata Eclipse HP-BS 1 is .35mm and the other is .50 The other 2 are Paasche Talons 1 obviously is a gravity fed brush which currently is a .25mm and the other is a siphon fed with a .66mm The Iwata's are designed for heavy acrylics and are super smooth I fit them with triple action handles and Trigger Stix that make for a very smooth trigger action the Talon's are stock and built like a brick s&*^ house I think the gravity fed one is the heaviest on the market, not sure if that's a good thing or not but you ain't breakin it that's for sure: