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Flippin Zip X2
« on: 07/01/14 12:27 UTC »
Humidity is high here today and mixing new plastic is a foamy prospect at best so re-melts it is and they're doing well. I did up a jumbo pile of Flippin Zips for my walleye bucket and added these four color combinations to the mix.

All of the colors shown here are re-melts and mixes. The purple Zip has a clear sparkle belly stripe as does that peach colored Zip. I did up a fire tiger Zip using re-melts but the green needs to be stronger to ward off the chartreuse center color. The blue Zip is DF's idea from another post suggesting smoke and blue....pretty nifty color combo in this bait.

The peach is a project color and is made by adding some fluorescent pink to a medium fluorescent orange....more orange than the pink. I added some raw plastic to the two colors before heating along with a shot of stabilizer. It didn't quite have the kick I thought it should have so I chucked in some holo gold .015 glitter and some Do-It gold hi lite and BINGO. I needed to see how this color looked on a medium sized small bait and chose the 2.5" small fry for this. Then I added a small piece of pure white to the clear sparkle of make a pearl and used that to hand pour the fry bellies. I hung two different eye colors on these frys to see which color worked best and I favor the red. This peach color is something else in strong sunlight. Carole picked one up and was taking in the pretty color...I thought she was going to eat it. Now if I had some peach scent.

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Re: Flippin Zip X2
« Reply #1 on: 07/01/14 13:50 UTC »
 I can't say I have seen anything like that peach color before, very cool.