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Trailer Hooks
« on: 09/17/14 16:09 UTC »
I have the Banana and Bullet Spinnerbait molds and I want to use a trailer hook.

Any recommendations?

I was planning on using  a 1/0 or 2/0 253 (if it fits over the hook barb).
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Re: Trailer Hooks
« Reply #1 on: 09/17/14 16:42 UTC »
I like the Owner Trailer hook 5131. It already has some tubing over the hook eye so the hook stays in line. Size wise I go one size smaller than the spinner hook.

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Re: Trailer Hooks
« Reply #2 on: 09/18/14 06:07 UTC »
  I like the Hookerz Tackle 3/0 trailer hook. It has a longer shank and super sharp. What I do most of the time is make my spinner bait with that hook and then I don't need a trailer hook. When I fish a spinner bait I like to really smack the wood and flutter the bait down after that. A trailer just gets caught up to much for me.

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Re: Trailer Hooks
« Reply #3 on: 09/19/14 12:13 UTC »
Same here....I've been making all my spinnerbaits with the L255 which is a 2x longer shank.  Since I have been doing that I don't use a trailer much unless I am really getting tons of short hitters.  They are mostly little ones anyway.   

The L255 sits right about (only slightly shorter) where a 253 plus a trailer would sit in the end of the skirt. 

I always felt like I needed one on night baits for added insurance with fish trying to find a bait in the dark.  What I discovered is that it was probably the last place I needed them.  It seems like at night the fish really make a point to engulf the whole bait.  Its during the day where they slap and nip at it.  At night the trailer only became a problem with hooking a fish a second place usually not where I want to hook them, or getting me in the hand in the dark. 

I use trailers for musky spinnerbaits with long skirts.  There I use a mustad 3407. 

I don't think a 253 will fit over a barb as a trailer. 

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Re: Trailer Hooks
« Reply #4 on: 09/28/14 07:33 UTC »
I love the Banana Spinner, but I HATE trailer hooks... they seem to foul things more than they improve things.   My solution is to use the Mustad long shank spinner bait hook (which is longer than any other I've found) and cheat it back in the mold; this puts a solidly molded hook back about an inch more than standard spinner baits.  (I also do the same for my buzz baits.)