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Etching metal
« on: 09/28/14 13:30 UTC »
For those who have problems with paint adhering to some metals, like lead or brass or plated lure bodies, try etching the metal before putting the base coat of paint on. Bohning Company makes a product call Prep Rite to be used to etch aluminum and graphite arrow shafts prior to painting the fletching ends. The product is not caustic or acidic and is very easy to use. Shake it up quick and use wires to go thru hook eyes or hook loops to dip the bait into the bottle of etch and then hung to dry. You can leave the bait hanging right on the wire to get the base coat shot on.

Cabelas carries Prep Rite in the archery section where fletching and crest painting supplies are sold. Most archery shops will carry this or similar products too.

Etching the metal will help eliminate pulls and rippling in your paint job's finish as well as "fish eyes" and orange peel. 

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Re: Etching metal
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Have not tried that Tom.  Good tip!