Author Topic: What a great morning....  (Read 1239 times)

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What a great morning....
« on: 04/12/15 10:19 UTC »
....or so I thought it was.

I hit the lake today from a shore site pretty early and started right off with a couple so-so crappies that liked the 1.5" Thump-It in purple/chartreuse. As the world got lighter the fish began to settle a bit deeper in the water until I was fishing at 8 feet just to get hit. About 7:30 a huge cloud mass swept across the area and rain started in lightly. This brought the fish up for a while but as the clouds sailed past and the sun started in again the fish returned to the deep stuff. By 9:20 it was all over bite-wise. I had four in the pail but put them back in the drink as I left.

Its odd that we still have 44 degree water. The afternoon water temps of late have been found to be in the 50-52 degree range but the evenings and nights shed the heat with the wind not giving it up after dark. Still the time was enjoyable. The air temp was 46 degrees and the breeze was from the south and had a little warmth with it so today should be another nice one.

The turkeys were talking today and somewhere along the shore an Oriole had some commentary. Just yesterday I got out Oriole feeders out and cleaned up and hung them hoping to lure some early birds. If they are at the lake they're around home too.

As stated it was wonderful to be out and enjoying this morning. Sometimes it goes deeper than catching was one of those times.

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Re: What a great morning....
« Reply #1 on: 04/12/15 10:51 UTC »
Bet it felt great getting out!!!!!!  Season opened here yesterday and while the sun was out the wind was blowing like crazy and any water flowing on the river is moving and the pond is still frozen.  Soon I hope