Author Topic: best way to keep paint outta eyelits?  (Read 1564 times)

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best way to keep paint outta eyelits?
« on: 07/24/15 07:48 UTC »
was wonderin whats the best way to keep powder paint out of hook eye?>
put tape on them?
seems like a long process.
i have a little nail clipper tool that has a point  on it and u must  clear paint out of eye b4 u bake or u have a hard time breaking through,
any help would be great

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Re: best way to keep paint outta eyelits?
« Reply #1 on: 07/24/15 20:30 UTC »
I hold the jig by the eye with pliers when I dip. Works great

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Re: best way to keep paint outta eyelits?
« Reply #2 on: 07/24/15 23:23 UTC »
I keep a hook or 2 around the bench for several purposes, clearing eyelets is one of those purposes.  Heat, dip-stir, check...clear eye if needed, heat more/dip again if needed, repeat if needed.

Thing about Powder Paints is they're not all the same "potency", and each color comes with its own attributes.  How Much Goes How Far is different for each color (and each Color Family).

But staying on-topic, I just use a hook-point.  While heating/liquifying, if the Eye closes or just gets too narrowed-down, I poke the hook-point into the being-painted hook-eye, and the hot semi-liquid Powder Paint usually comes out on the hook-point.  Throw it out and continue heating, and most-times the Paint still on the eye-wire will level itself, at least to an Acceptable Degree...and You CAN dip it again to touch-up, You just have to add a little at a time.

I Powder under a Heat Gun, BTW.  Bake-curing would occur after the process I'm referring to.
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