Author Topic: Keeping Crankbaits untangled  (Read 5881 times)

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Re: Keeping Crankbaits untangled
« Reply #15 on: 01/08/16 22:14 UTC »
  My boat every year starts off with all the baits and things all nice and neat. About three weeks into the season it a messed up again. It is amazing how I do know where everything is. I think your better off just leaving it a mess and not being disappointed so early off in the year.

 :D  Oh yeah, brother, preach on!

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Re: Keeping Crankbaits untangled
« Reply #16 on: 06/27/16 22:16 UTC »
If securing hooks with rubber bands be careful that they to tight and stored in high heat.  I had a couple reef runners that got misplaced under seat in my truck over the summer and they got considerable curve to them now:-(