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Hey Guys,

My name is Chris Wade and my wife and I run an online marketplace called Home Brewed Outdoors.  Our aim is to be the central hub for all of the "Boutique" brands out there.  I feel like there is a huge market for niche tackle, but there isn't a good way for someone in California to purchase a custom jig/hand poured worm from a guy in Georgia, unless they happen to stumble on a facebook page, or forum post.  And on the flip side, there isn't a good way for a guy in Georgia to get his baits out beyond his regional area, without spending advertising money or getting featured in a national publication of some sorts.  We hope that we can make this process easier for everyone, but being the "one stop shop" for all things custom.

We just rolled out our vendor store capabilities, and are now looking for some guys who make their own outdoor gear to try it out, and give us their feedback.  Basically, any vendor we can get to sign up will get to sell for free for 6 months, and in turn, give us their thoughts on how the site works, the good/bad and what is working well and what doesn't work at all.  That way we can build the system possible for everyone.

If you think you might be interested, you can check out our site at: www.HomeBrewedOutdoors.c om!