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The Clevis
« on: 01/11/16 16:55 UTC »
Wire Bait Builders are familiar with the Clevis, but so far, I only see One Aspect of the Details of the Part, the Hole Size (maximum Wire Size Fit).  Is there any way to determine, or any Standard (per Size, 01, 02, 03, etc.) that can be referenced to obtain all relevant details about the Clevis?  How do I determine Sufficient Clearance between the Tip of the Blade and the Wire the Clevis is on?  ...and so forth...

From the "Top" of the Wire Hole to the Bottom of the Bend that holds the Blade...
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Re: The Clevis
« Reply #1 on: 01/11/16 19:59 UTC »
None that I've ever seen - I prefer the folded clevis for most of my spinners as I feel the stirrup clevis and it's square edge catchs debris. 

On willowleafs I'll use a size 2 folded up to a size 2 willow leaf.  Larger than that I usually go to a 4.  I don't use a lot of willow leafs on inline spinners though. 

I carry 2,4 and 6 folded clevis's and size 1 and 2 stirrup. 

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Re: The Clevis
« Reply #2 on: 01/15/16 14:08 UTC »
The clevis comes in a few different types now but to make this simple I'll just go with the two main types, the folded and the stirrup. The folded clevis is used on line and on in-line spinners, the stirrup clevis can be used on in-line but is mainly used on safety pin spinners. The size of the clevis is directly related to the diameter of the hole. For stirrup clevises the size 1 is .030", the size 2 is .035", size 3 is .045", and size 4 is .051" and this is standard, I'm not sure about the folded clevis but they are smaller.

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