Author Topic: Firetiger whacked them this weekend!!!  (Read 2040 times)

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Firetiger whacked them this weekend!!!
« on: 12/05/11 15:22 UTC »;sa=view;id=361

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Re: Firetiger whacked them this weekend!!!
« Reply #1 on: 12/05/11 22:06 UTC »
I got the picutre of the 9 lber in the gallery also...;sa=view;id=362

I was fishing down on Falcon lake this weekend.  Saturday was a little slow and the wind made it difficult to stay on anything for long.  The fishing reports said to fish the rocks with crankbaits.  After doing that for most of the day on Saturday with only one fish, I decided it was time to pick-up the toad sticker and start flipping trees.  On my second cast I caught one.

Sunday was better.  I flipped that toad sticker all day and end-up with 27 lbs.  And that was with two little fish that I couldn't cull out.

You go Toad Sticker!