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Time to glow again
« on: 10/25/16 10:57 UTC »
These have a glow tail button. The first pic is how they look in daylight.

The second picture was taken in partial shade.

This is a killer bait for when the water is cooling off quickly in the fall and panfish start to take on some winter water-like preferences, like glow baits and jigs. I use these guys on a few Mississippi River marina docks as well as in the river proper. The fish seem to focus on that glowing button. I feel like I do better when there is a chartreuse tail on just about all of my crappie and sunfish baits, hence the chartreuse tail stem. I fished on Saturday morning for a short time on a dock in a marina and full glow baits were too much while no glow was slow. I had three of these in the box from last fall and they saved the day.

I do very well with the clear/bluegill glitter mix I blend in cold water and use the three different ideas in one bait. The only thing that changes is the button glow color. The glows used are Do-It's glow pigments in a simple clear plastic....three ounces of Essential plastic, a tiny wad of uv enhancer, a couple drops of stabilizer and about 1/2 teaspoon of pigment. I heat the clear plastic up to around 360 degrees, add the pigment and stir like crazy and then quickly inject. The pigments tend to be heavy and settle fairly fast so stirring and injecting are a hurry up thing. The other plastic are done as usual.

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Re: Time to glow again
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