Author Topic: Re-paints question  (Read 952 times)

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Re-paints question
« on: 03/12/17 22:27 UTC »
For my airbrushing I've only used blank cranks. For those of you who paint existing cranks( such as floating raps husky jerks ext) how are you going about this. Are you stripping the existing finish or going over. I've seen some neat looking 'ghost' paint jobs which lead me to believe they are stripped first. Then what finish/or clear are they using. Currently in using glisten pc on my cranks for a clear.

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Re: Re-paints question
« Reply #1 on: 03/13/17 07:12 UTC »
I check to see how agreeable a bait is to removing the original finish. Some seem to clean up real easy while others want to hold onto their finish pretty darned good. An under coat of white will get you to a good start but then you'll lose the ghost finish. As long as you're using the water-based acrylics you can play around with finishes a little. If something isn't working well just wash it off and go another route.