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Wire tying skirts
« on: 03/22/17 01:25 UTC »
Is it a good thing that when I wire tie my skirts on my Jigs the top around the head flares out? I mean I think its unique instead of all the skirt hanging down the hook. I don't trim the flare short, it just flares out and kinda hangs over the middle section, giving it a bit of a finesse type look if that makes since.
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Re: Wire tying skirts
« Reply #1 on: 03/22/17 06:00 UTC »
I've never tied my own jigs, but I think the flare makes it look more professional. It also would give it more underwater action I believe.

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Re: Wire tying skirts
« Reply #2 on: 04/15/17 18:13 UTC »
Yeah that is normal.  Generally, wire tying causes the skirt to be held up against the shaft of the hook much tighter than a rubber collar which has more give to it which is why you see the fanning of the skirt material.  I like to use more material above the wire tie towards the eye of the hook so that when I tie the skirt and lay it back as it would be fished I have a skirt that is even/almost even with the skirt at the bend of the hook behind the tie if that makes sense.