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sweet beaver
« on: 05/17/19 10:27 UTC »
looking for a good sweet beaver mold , or one comparable to it that fishes well . Also wondering what plastisol are you guys using for your creature baits ? I believe the sweet beaver is loaded with salt are you guys using salt ?

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Re: sweet beaver
« Reply #1 on: 05/17/19 16:40 UTC »
Best beaver bait I know of I also like the Do-it Icraw.  I just use the Do-it ES plastisol. It's the best I have Found
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Re: sweet beaver
« Reply #2 on: 05/17/19 16:58 UTC »
X2 what Lamar has mentioned. If you load with salt you'll likely have to play with softener some. Do-It has the HD Sinking additive and in using it with the Essential plastic you get the weight desired but also a much softer but more resilient bait.

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Re: sweet beaver
« Reply #3 on: 05/17/19 18:43 UTC »
I completely agree with both Gentlemen. The Essential Series bug is my go to (although I'm also a very big fan of the Berry Bug). Essential Series plastic and the HD additive if you want to add weight to the bait.

I am NOT a fan of salt! It's a pain to work with and I just don't buy that bass hang on to a salty bait (do minnows or craws taste salty??)


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