Author Topic: Pretty tiny, but.....  (Read 690 times)

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Pretty tiny, but.....
« on: 03/02/20 11:39 UTC »
I had to try doing the Bubba with the twin injector. I used black and one of the clear color shifts in this little experiment.

The tiny legs are split nicely but its darned tough to see it in the picture. The best place to see it is right down by my finger tips. As soon as the legs get light, the split does away. It can be seen in the body where there's enough mass in both plastics. Maybe some colors with a bit more opaqueness or more of a contrast between them? Myself I'm liking the tail colors done with the pins and e-core technique. Actually I think that the e-core is the only way to get a solidly welded tail of another color.

I did up about 75 of the purple/chartreuse e-cores before leaving on vacation and dropped them at a local bait/tackle shop to sample out for ice anglers. I stopped there this morning and they're gone and people are liking them a lot. I've told the shop owner that I don't make any to sell but rather to show people what they're missing out on by making their own....him included since he never seems to be very busy. No time they all say. BUT they have time to stand around wanting these cool baits and to go fishing. And they have time to beg me to make them some. No makee, no pity. I know a couple people who make baits using the Do-It molds and I send them down to the guys doing the injecting but those fellas are doing basics, no this pretty stuff and I guess neither of them have the Bubba yet. Bet they will soon though. lol.

Here's what the color shift used in these Bubbas looks like in slightly shaded sunlight, 4 hours later. Note that you can see the red. gold and green jumping out in most of the baits, but that the further to the right you look the more the green is apparent.

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Re: Pretty tiny, but.....
« Reply #1 on: 03/02/20 18:21 UTC »
Dang those are absolutely amazing.  Yes you definitely can't go wrong with making your own line of baits.  I like how you can do what ever you want for your very own special colors.  I  have seen guys using chartreuse baits from Walmart and not catching a single crappie and here I am catching every single time I throw out on a chartreuse thumper and they were like how the heck are you catching them ?  Lol it definitely makes you feel good that's for sure. I love the Do-It line of Crappie molds  and  hope they  keep on making them  and I'm really digging this bubba scud aka bubba bug to me.


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Re: Pretty tiny, but.....
« Reply #2 on: 03/02/20 19:15 UTC »
They turned out awesome Tom
May your days be filled with sun shine and you always have a tight line. AMEN