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3 amigos
« on: 04/11/20 09:28 UTC »
I did this trio of mini cranks identically....white pearl base coat, chartreuse and orange pearls on the bellies as seen, thin pearl gray across the back and upper flanks then a transparent black shot across the very top of the back. I used the Delta, blue to purple, color shift in a clear top coat to finish the colors, then did a dip/drip in CS Seal Coat to wrap up the colors. #14 Mustad 35647trebles are hanging for the hooks.

Last fall this color pattern was absolutely a hammer on crappies in this bait size and another, smaller, single treble bait barely 7/10" in length. Pike liked them a lot too along with some plump large mouths which accounts for the need to make more even though I had on a fluorocarbon line that's typically tough as nails. The 4 pound test was the problem.

The bodies are just an inch in length with the bills almost an inch. Right out of the package these were 4 foot crankbaits so I drilled them and added 4 #5 shot for some extra weight so they dive a bit deeper and just barely sink when the retrieve is stopped weight for neutral buoyancy.

I love these baits for crappies but now comes the challenge of finding more. I haven't seen them  offered anywhere all winter and with this virus stuff its hard telling what is being made in China now. Got plenty of the smaller bodies though and they'll get the paint next...early next week....while I look at snow and cold again.


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Re: 3 amigos
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Sweet bait’s there TOM
May your days be filled with sun shine and you always have a tight line. AMEN