Author Topic: Foiling un-painted crank baits  (Read 453 times)

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Foiling un-painted crank baits
« on: 04/11/20 18:56 UTC »
I've had the foil a while and got the glue just this afternoon in the mail, so while dinner was being fixed I headed to the garage shop and began to investigate this stuff. Its actually pretty simple....cut the foil to the length you want. Brush the glue on the body where you want the foil to go and dry it with a hair dryer, then lay the strip of foil on and start pressing it into place. When its pretty well formed around the glued portion of the body use a soft artist brush with a blunt end and press the foil down where there are scales or gills or fins, then just peel the backer off. Brush the glue on the other side of the bait allowing for abut 1/32" overlap onto the foil from the first application, dry the glue and repeat with another strip of foil. Works pretty good. Tomorrow we'll see how well these paint up.


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Re: Foiling un-painted crank baits
« Reply #1 on: 04/11/20 19:01 UTC »
Great looking bait’s there Tom . Can’t wait to see what color you paint them.
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