Author Topic: discontinued(?) squid jig mold  (Read 1059 times)

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discontinued(?) squid jig mold
« on: 05/12/20 00:21 UTC »
I came across a knock off from a mold that is not suitable for production pouring but features a really interesting bait. The mold is ment to be used with sinker eyes but the measures indicate that the original mold was tailored around Do-It wire inserts.

I would love to purchase a decent original mold and apreciate any information on it. It is not the "squid mojo" from collins customs, that much I can say.


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Re: discontinued(?) squid jig mold
« Reply #1 on: 05/15/20 22:09 UTC »
Yup definitely not the same as my various Collins customs squid molds.
I have the fixed hook horizontal with all three front eye positions and the vertical version with swing hook.
In all sizes from 1oz to 16oz iirc.
This one appears to be sand cast.
I had a cheap sandcast Squid mold off of eBay but the quality was poor and I sold it after buying the Collins customs molds.
I'm not sold on the flare design on this one but testing in a tank would reveal how the action is.
It looks like they designed it for an eyelets but the do it wire just happens to fit.
I would likely try a long as eye on one just to see.
That's what I use in my Collins customs molds and they haven't failed yet even on 200+# fish.
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