Author Topic: Open water.....finally  (Read 114 times)

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Open water.....finally
« on: 03/16/23 12:30 UTC »
My fishing buddy and I went out to the local lake this morning and dipped some jigs. Felt pretty darned nice to be on open water again. We were more curious than anything if crappies had moved to the open shore, but they have not done so yet. Lots of ice covering the two bays where the open water cuts thru between them leaving the open water with a temp around 34 degrees. Too cool yet according to my notes. 36 degrees will show the fish coming in but with a steady cold rain and more snow forecast for this afternoon those two degrees might be hard to find anytime soon. Still, it felt good to be casting again. The long term forecast shows some more 40 degree days next week and maybe then the fish will have slipped in.
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Re: Open water.....finally
« Reply #1 on: 03/16/23 15:02 UTC »
Lets hope they slip in for ya.