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Big river again
« on: 08/03/12 16:54 UTC »
A friend and I hit up the mighty Mississippi River again this morning and we found it to be an early morning bite. By 9 AM when the sun hit the water directly the fishing went right in the tank.

My friend and his son wanted to try for some large sunfish and did a bait thing while I played the plastics game. I had a chance to fish some of my small fry patterns and they all got fish. That small fry is just a super bait. I fished three other plastics too, all in different color patterns and everything seemed to catch fish....the problem was with size. While most of the crappies we saw today weren't bad many were small, even on larger baits. My buddy took 7 crappies home for their dinner tonight and a few of those were 13".

The shut off this morning was absolutely sudden. 9 bells and then the dead sea started to show up. Glad we got there at 6. It was a lot hotter today and I think that had a lot to do with the bite plus the wind was out of a different direction and lots of junk was in the water...grass and coontail along with tons of rafts of duckweed.

Any time on the water is good time and we did catch fish. Not a loss, just a bit short. lol

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Re: Big river again
« Reply #1 on: 08/04/12 22:54 UTC »
Ay, Yawl done good IMHO, especially for this time of Year.  Fine Job Sir!
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