Author Topic: 12/13/12 and 12/14/12 winter fishing  (Read 1653 times)

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12/13/12 and 12/14/12 winter fishing
« on: 12/16/12 13:19 UTC »
I tried fishing 12/13 for some walleye.  It was 23 degrees without wind chill.  Needless to say if something is ready to break teh cold weather will bring it out.  Nevern even made it out of the creek into the river.  I pushed the boat off the trailer and fired up the motor.  Too bad the throttle cable seized up.  I baby'd the boat back on the trailer and dropped it off at my buddies shop.  Cable will be in later this week and I'll be back in business just $100 lighter.  12/14 tried it again in my other buddies boat.  9 walleye and a channel cat in 3 hrs.  Everything was small, no legals.  Its cold but I enjoy fishing without the crowds.

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Re: 12/13/12 and 12/14/12 winter fishing
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yes but did you have fun :P
hooked up, its a big one
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