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« on: 02/26/15 11:23 UTC »
In this thing that we do ' It's not about if its about when.We are going to get burned. This is something I have done for 30 yrs.And its worked every time. When I get burned I put I put a lot of dry Arm and Hammer baking soda on it.Be still and let it stay on the burned spot for at least 5 minutes.It will hurt like hell the first 2 minutes. But just bear with it.I keep a box of soda on work table' and I use it Don't know how it works Don't care.When I look for the blisters next day there is none.

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Re: Burns
« Reply #1 on: 02/26/15 12:28 UTC »
I'll be Bill Nye could tell us why it works.   ;)
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Re: Burns
« Reply #2 on: 03/15/15 11:08 UTC »
Arm and Hammer baking soda has been a cure all for many years, as a kid this was one of the most important necessities of our house hold, and still is :   ;)

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