Author Topic: Dents in 6” Ripper  (Read 544 times)


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Re: Dents in 6” Ripper
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Re: Dents in 6” Ripper
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Welcome Bob,

I have found the 6" Ripper to shoot best at cooler temps, 300-320 degrees. Like previously mentioned, holding firm pressure is key. Lastly, be sure to leave the bait in the mold for a bit before removing it. This bait has a lot of volume. You will notice that if you remove the bait from the mold right after it is shot, the center of the body will remain somewhat liquid. This will cause it to dent and deform as it cures. I typically leave the bait in the the mold for a minute or so, to assure that the bait is solidifying. If you are shooting the bait consecutively, you will likely need to adjust the setup time accordingly. In the instance that you are shooting a large batch of these, I have found that hanging them by their tails after allowing them a little bit of time to cure in the mold, helps tremendously with speed and consistency.

Let me know if you have any questions.